Reallusion Unveils AI-Powered Headshot Plugin

Creating realistic digital doubles normally requires a massive effort in 3D techniques which often involve many artists and passes, but that’s changing with the release of Headshot Plugin for Character Creator 3

Headshot uses AI technology to automatically generate digital human in minutes from one single photo, and those characters are fully rigged for voice lipsync, facial expression, and full-body animation.

“The major shift is that most digital humans are demos and single character research examples, but Reallusion has developed a practical product that is ready to start generating characters for films, games, immersive experiences and even virtual production,” said John C. Martin, VP of Product Marketing, Reallusion. 

Headshot allows game developers and virtual production teams to immediately funnel a cast of digital doubles into iClone, Unreal, Unity, Maya, ZBrush and more. The idea is to allow digital humans to go anywhere they like and give creators a solution to rapidly develop, iterate and collaborate in real-time.

The Character Creator Headshot technology was recently presented at SIGGRAPH Asia Real-time Live in Brisbane and featured by Real-time Live Chair Mike Seymour.

Two AI modes in Headshot: Auto Mode & Pro Mode

Auto Mode: A one-click solution for creating mid-res digital human crowds

This intelligent process allows one-click head & hair creation for real-time 3D head models. It also generates a separate 3D hair mesh with an alpha mask to soften edge lines. The 3D hair is fully compatible with Character Creator's conformable hair format (.ccHair). Users can add them into their hair library, and apply them to other CC characters.

Pro Mode: Create extreme face details for professional digital doubles

Headshot Pro Mode offers full control for 3D head generation process with advanced features such as Image Matching, Photo Reprojection and Custom Mask with up to 4096 texture resolution.

The Image Matching Tool overlays an image reference plane for advanced head shape refinement and lens correction. With Photo Reprojection users can easily fix the texture-to-mesh discrepancies resulting from face morph change.

Utilizing high-res source images and Headshot’s 1000+ Morphs users can get a scan quality digital human face in 4K texture details. Additional textures include normal, AO, roughness, metallic, SSS and Micro Normal for more realistic digital human rendering.

On-Screen Sculpt Morph System for scan-level head model accuracy

Headshot Morph 1000+ is designed to achieve the professional and detailed look of 3D scan models. The intuitive 3D sculpting design allows users to hover over a control area and use directional mouse drags to adjust the corresponding mesh shape, from full head and face sculpting to individual features - head contour, face, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears with more than 1000 head morphs. It is now free with a purchase of Headshot Plugin. 

Learn More on Headshot here.

Learn More on Character Creator here.

Pricing and Availability:   

  • Headshot Plug-in for Character Creator: $199 
    The plug-in comes with the content pack Headshot Morph 1000+ ($99) 
  • Character Creator 3 Pipeline: $199

For launch special offer and more price information, visit the Reallusion Store.

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    Reallusion Unveils AI-Powered Headshot Plugin