Recreating a Microscopic Item in 3D With RealityCapture

The project was created by Piotr Fox Wysocki.

VFX Artist and Designer Piotr Fox Wysocki has unveiled a new photogrammetry project titled Submicron Photogrammetry. This time, the artist has managed to capture an incredibly tiny iron detail using RealityCapture, Capturing Reality's photogrammetry app that enables you to create ultra-realistic 3D models from a set of images or laser scans.

According to the demonstration video shared by Piotr, the 3D model of an item was made using 7200 photos captured with a 12-years-old Canon EOS 7D and has a pixel size of 410 nanometers. The model has a cross-polarized texture that fully translates the real-world detail's both shiny and rusty surfaces and has a resolution of around 33 million polygons. The artist commented that this outstanding model was achieved by having a "well-balanced rig".

This is not the first time Piotr utilized RealityCapture to create a tiny 3D model. Previously, the artist used the same workflow to make a miniature digital copy of a coffee bean:

You can learn more about Piotr's photogrammetry workflow by visiting the artist's Twitter page.

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