Riot Is Seeking Devs To Work on the Console Version of VALORANT

The new job openings suggest that the company is planning to make the VALORANT console port in the near future.

League of Legends and VALORANT developer Riot Games is seemingly working on a console version of VALORANT.

The news comes from Riot's official website where the company posted job openings for Game Design Manager and Senior Game Designer who are set to work on VALORANT.

While Riot has never announced its plans to port the character-based tactical shooter to consoles, the job description suggests that the specialists will have to work on the console version of the game.

In addition, one of the job openings mentions that the employee will need to "develop a vision for combat in VALORANT on Consoles." Judging by this description, it seems that the developer is not going to port the PC version to consoles without changes for gamepads.

It's unclear when Riot plans to announce the console version of VALORANT and when it is set to be released. The studio also previously shared its plans to launch VALORANT for mobile devices, however, it still hasn't shared at least an approximate release date of the game.

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