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Roblox Faces Lawsuit for Targeting Kids' Gaming Addictions & Exploiting Them

The company disagrees with the allegations. 

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We all know that sometimes it's so hard to resist the games we badly want to play. We can relate to that. But have you thought about what it's like to be a little kid and have the same problem? It's even harder for children to cope with gaming addictions, as they're still growing and have a fragile psychology.

Roblox has been particularly popular among kids, with approximately half of its 71.5 million daily active users being under the age of 13. That's a big number. Although Roblox is free to play, users can also spend real money on virtual currency, known as "Robux," to access extra features. As reported by Axios, in the first nine months of 2023, consumers spent $2.39 billion on Robux purchases.

Speaking of Roblox, you probably heard that it had already faced lots of allegations of aggressively monetizing its young users, but in February 2024, the situation took a new turn, as the company was hit with a fresh class-action lawsuit.

Image credit: Roblox

According to Axios, the law Atlanta-based firm Bullock Ward Mason recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a group of American parents. The plaintiffs allege that Roblox violates US labor laws and exploits children financially by compensating them with the virtual currency Robux, which they consider to be of little value, in return for creating games for the platform.

Unhappy parents pointed out that while Robux can be converted into real money, the exchange rate is disadvantageous to users. For example, users can purchase 400 Robux for $4.99, but can only exchange 1000 Robux for $3.5.

"By the time children or parents learn about the dangers associated with Roblox and its unfair practices taking advantage of children, users are so addicted to the game they cannot stop purchasing and spending Robux to continue gameplay," reads the lawsuit.

The parents are seeking compensation from Roblox and requesting them to provide warnings to users about potential risks.

As for Roblox, the company's spokesperson informed Axios that they disagree with the claims, and mentioned that the majority of monetized games on Roblox were created by adult users, not children.

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