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Saltsea Chronicles is a New Adventure Game Coming in 2023

The game will immerse you into the post-flood world, where you'll be tasked with a daring mission of saving your captain.

In June, Die Gute Fabrik, an independent game developer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, revealed their new project Saltsea Chronicles, which is coming later this year.

Saltsea Chronicles is an immersive adventure game that revolves around a captivating story set in a post-flood world. Players take on the roles of a group of misfits tasked with a daring mission to heist a ship and embark on a perilous journey to rescue their missing captain. Throughout the game, players will explore a diverse series of islands, each with its unique community, while uncovering an enthralling mystery that lies at the heart of the story.

Image credit: Die Gute Fabrik, Saltsea Chronicles

Here are the game's features:

  1. You can try your hand at Spoils, which is a captivating trick-taking card game set in the world of Saltsea Chronicles. It invites players to engage in strategic gameplay. As they interact with various local communities, players must carefully navigate the different and unique house rules of each island. Here you gamers can sharpen their card-playing skills and encounter unexpected twists and challenges.
  2. Distinctive print-inspired art style. Saltsea Chronicles has an extraordinary art style that looks like illustrations in a storybook. This special style is inspired by risograph print techniques and gives this fantasy world a magical feel. The stunning animation is specially made for this series and adds even more beauty to the overall experience.
  3. An original soundtrack by Eli Rainsberry. A composer and sound artist, Eli Rainsberry, known for their work on games like No Longer Home and A Monster's Expedition, has created a unique mix of music and sounds for Saltsea Chronicles. It is "a musically hybrid score and soundscape guided by the spaces and characters of Saltsea Chronicles," as stated on the game's official website. 
  4. The game gives a chance to navigate the drama as well as the seas. In Saltsea Chronicles, conflicts among crew members are represented as "Issues". These "Issues" are like quests that involve relationships, which players can keep track of, try to resolve, or in some cases, may have to leave unresolved.

Image credit: Die Gute Fabrik, Saltsea Chronicles

The game will be available in late 2023 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. You can learn more about the upcoming game here.

Last year, we talked to Hannah Nicklin, a Writer and Game Designer who leads the Die Gute Fabrik studio, and asked some questions about the main topics of the writing for games. If you want to have a look at it, check out the interview.

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