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Simulate Anatomically-Correct Human Muscles With a Brand-New Houdini Tool

Procedural Anatomy is an upcoming toolset that helps you make physically accurate digital humans.

A team of experienced Visual Effects and Animation Artists has officially introduced Procedural Anatomy, a brand-new Houdini-based toolset that enables its user to simulate anatomically-correct human muscles.

Leveraging Sign Distance Fields, the novel toolset matches anatomy models to your character model and fits an animation skeleton you can match your animation to. Described as "the only [tool] of its kind," Procedural Anatomy can create skeleton and muscle models that allow users to simulate characters with unparalleled accuracy and speed. According to the developers, they have streamlined the entire process into just a handful of artistic decisions, empowering users to iterate and achieve more in record time.

"We've taken a complex process and streamlined it to make digital humans deform in more realistic ways," commented the team. "Mixing the process of modeling, animation, and simulation, this tool set will change the way you deliver convincing characters and make it happen faster."

Please note that while it was officially introduced, the toolset is not commercially available at the moment. The devs encourage experienced Houdini users and Character TDs to join the waitlist so as not to miss the launch of the Procedural Anatomy Beta program. You can learn more and sign up for the upcoming Beta by visiting Procedural Anatomy's official website.

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