Sons Of The Forest 1.0 Is Out & It Brings Lots of Features

A new sickness system, mutants, final pieces to the artifact, and more. 

After being in Early Access for a year, Sons Of The Forest, an open-world survival horror sim developed by Endnight Games, was finally fully released on February 22, 2024.

With the full launch, the developer of Sons Of The Forest has released a big patch 1.0 for the game, introducing many changes, so you'd better start fresh and play it over again.

The patch includes a sickness system, new mutants, a new creative mode, which you can unlock once you've finished the game, lots of additional items, cutscenes, and an alternative ending. Endnight Games has also improved enemy behavior and overall game performance.

Adding to that, a significant mystery in Sons Of The Forest is about to be unraveled as players can now complete building an artifact, as revealed in the latest patch notes.

"Added two final artifact pieces and the final artifact can now be crafted," stated the developer. "You can now *(Spoiler)* or create a *(Spoiler)* with the combined artifact."

Image credit: Endnight Games, Sons Of The Forest

Speaking of Sons Of The Forest, since its release into Early Access, the game has seen a peak of concurrent players exceeding 414,000 players. At the moment of writing, the game has almost 17,000 in-game players.

You can learn more about patch 1.0 here and play the game on Steam.

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