SpeedTree 9 Has Been Released

SpeedTree announced the release of the latest version of the plant modeling software presenting updated features, tools, and new pricing.

IDV has announced the release of SpeedTree 9 and provided the first look at the updated version of the software. Among the new features, there is a new SpeedTree generator Mesh Converter, a Freehand Mode designed to craft models along with editing existing assets, dynamic models for various biomes, and more.

The Mesh Converter presented in the SpeedTree update allows users to convert photogrammetry scans into procedural models. According to the SpeedTree blog, the new generator can transform scanned assets and photoreal details into the SpeedTree geometry, followed by using procedural tools to edit and adjust the models.

A freehand creation is also available in SpeedTree 9. Freehand Mode is a set of tools that allows twisting, shaping, sculpting, and transforming the models including six new art tools for quick fine-tuning. Using both Freehand Mode and procedural generators will provide users with making custom edits at vertex level.

Dynamic models in the software update are built for every biome. A library of plants with PBR textures, seasonal variations, and customizable wind settings is at users' disposal, too.

The new release pricing is now the same for Games and Cinema versions as well as for the Indie license and costs $19 per month.

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