Square Enix Collective Gives Gex, Fear Effect, and Anachronox to Indie Developers
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by Ronnybrendo Vieira Lima
1 hours ago

Por favor não parem, trabalho perfeito, nostálgico, me lembra da minha infância com os meus amigos jogando o HL1 e se divertindo. Com essa engine o jogo ficou muito lindo, eu sei que não é fácil fazer este jogo do zero mas eu pagaria qualquer valor caso este jogo esteja a venda no steam, não importa quanto tempo demore.

Can I buy this trees like somewhere?

by Yacob
11 hours ago

hi , i eanted to make your handgun in blender and i fell short on the top curved surface , how do you make that

Square Enix Collective Gives Gex, Fear Effect, and Anachronox to Indie Developers
17 February, 2015

Square Enix Collective recently announced a new initiative. Three famous Eidos IPs are now available for independent developers to pitch on. We’re talking about Gex, Fear Effect and, Anachronox.

To get a chance to work with this license you have to submit a great pitch to persuade Square Enix that you are the the company for the job. Developers are free to submit game ideas and incredible mechanics. The rules of submission are published here.

“I’m excited to see what talented teams might do with any one of Gex, Fear Effect or Anachronox IPs. We’ll monitor the response carefully before deciding which IPs to release next. And it goes without saying that we’re delighted for the whole Goetia team, as they become the latest member of the Collective family alongside Moon Hunters and Black the Fall in hitting their funding targets.

We first announced we’d be opening up Eidos IPs for developers to pitch on, with our initial announcement of Collective in November 2013. Since then we’ve worked hard to establish the Collective platform as a viable place for small teams to build awareness for their ideas, and then for the community to feedback – and vote on those projects they’d potentially back through crowdfunding.”


Phil Elliott, Project Lead Square Enix Collective

Goetia (a cool new French project we wrote about a couple of weeks ago) was the catalyst that helped to make those franchises open to indie developers. French developer Sushee successfully passed its $30,000 target yesterday and after that Square Enix Collective opened some Eidos IPs.

36 original game ideas from teams in 17 countries have been published thanks to the Collective Feedback platform.

Source: collective.square-enix.com

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