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Star Citizen Surpasses $700 Million Funding Milestone

The release date is still in outer space.

Image credit: Cloud Imperium Games, Star Citizen

Star Citizen, the ambitious crowdfunded video game project, has reached a new fundraising milestone of $700 million from over 5.24 million supporters.

This milestone nudges us to take another peek at this multiplayer space trading and combat sim game that was announced in 2012. Despite this brilliant achievement of money, a release date still seems to be light-years away.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call Star Citizen one of the most controversial video game projects, which has faced severe criticism and even accusations of being a scam. Initially conceived as a singular project, it has since split into two entities: the Star Citizen persistent universe MMO and the single-player game, Squadron 42.

Image credit: Cloud Imperium Games, Star Citizen

It's not that we aren't hearing anything about the game over the decade. In fact, hopes of seeing the game soon were ignited in March this year when Chris Roberts, CEO of Cloud Imperium Games (the studio developing the game), offered backers a glimpse of the progress. He hinted at a significant technological milestone being within reach, underscored by a player known as "MrTrash" achieving interstellar travel through a wormhole — a crucial step toward the MMO's 1.0 release.

Image credit: Cloud Imperium Games, Star Citizen

Speaking of the studio itself, beyond the controversial nature of the game, it was labeled as a “highly toxic company” by former Producer Annie Bouffard, and reportedly laid off several employees. Furthermore, Todd Papy, a Game Director who had been part of Star Citizen's development for nine years, parted ways with the studio in January.

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