Steam has 125 million active users
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by Thomas Guillemot
2 hours ago

Well that's a lot of hats !

by Thomas Van Fossen
7 hours ago

So why not finish the project but making it super generic? Strip all star wars terms out. Then when the game is finished, allow for modders to make a conversion mod that will reinsert the star wars material? That way he can finish it and we all can get what we want and no one has to give up on their dreams.

by Kelvin Hubbert
9 hours ago

When are you guys going to make God of War 5?

Steam has 125 million active users
26 February, 2015

Steam set another huge record this week. Being the biggest game store on the web, Steam has over 125 million active users. However, it was not specified how Valve defines active users.

Valve also announced that the Steam client has over 4,500 games and 400 million pieces of UGC. The company also said that GDC 2015 will mark the 13th anniversary of the first announcement of Steam. It seems like this powerful service has been around for ages.

On top of this, Steam has set another record last month. The company announced that the service has reached 8.9 million concurrent users. This number has slightly increased since January, which was when the company registered the number of concurrent users to 8.4 million people.

Hopefully, Valve will have a lot of cool announcements the next week. They have already announced its VR headset and the final Steam Controller design. Both of these products will be shown at GDC 2015.

via NeoGAF


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