Step-By-Step Instruction on Unreal's Blueprints Generated With ChatGPT

Pratik Suketu showcased one more possible application for OpenAI's latest model.

With OpenAI's ChatGPT being all the rage these days, new ways of using the model for 3D art and gamedev-related tasks appear on a daily basis. This time, we were particularly impressed by an experiment shared by AI and Unreal Engine enthusiast Pratik Suketu, who showed that the novel AI is also capable of generating detailed and correct step-by-step instructions on using 3D software.

According to Pratik, ChatGPT understands Unreal Engine's blueprints and can provide a thorough tutorial on creating materials with the toolset, following which the developer managed to set up an appealing iridescent material.

"The blueprint instructions are based on UE4 – but other than a bit of difference in vocab, they translate over pretty easily!" commented Pratik.

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