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Step through Mirrors as Portals to an Alternate Universe in this Game

Get ready for this game to change your mirror-gazing habits.

Puzzle games offer a broad array of sub-genres, each providing unique enjoyment. Logic puzzles like Sudoku challenge reasoning skills, while physics-based puzzles such as Angry Birds offer amusement through experimental strategies, and tile-matching games like Candy Crush provide quick decision-making fun and vibrant visuals.  

The game we are talking about today, titled The Art of Reflection, is a bit different. It all starts from an intriguing new concept — treating mirrors as doorways to an alternate reality. The premise is as intriguing as it is challenging, forcing players to think differently about their in-game environment and the physics that govern it.

Image credit: Hydrozoa, The Art of Reflection

In this game, mirrors transcend their traditional role as reflective surfaces, acting instead as gateways to a mirrored dimension that challenge conventional spatial understanding.

The game prompts intriguing questions — what if you could traverse through a mirror? How would this affect gravity and the properties of objects? It invites you on a captivating journey through mirrored pathways and a world where your reflection becomes a part of the gameplay.

Image credit: Hydrozoa, The Art of Reflection

A "snap zoom" function is provided, which serves as a cornerstone tool throughout the journey. This function allows you to pass through mirrors and traverse vast distances within seconds, perform mid-air redirection in slow-motion, and more. 

Image credit: Hydrozoa, The Art of Reflection

The Art of Reflection's demo is available on Steam. Download it to step into the nonlinear world and experience a completely different way of looking at mirrors.
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