Substance 3D Modeler 1.1 Has Been Released

The update brings a new Array Copy feature, includes a new Boolean operation Split, and adds support for headsets beyond Oculus.

The Adobe Substance 3D team announced the release of Substance 3D Modeler 1.1, a new and improved version of the company's digital modeling and sculpting tool for desktop and VR, released back in October.

The highlight of the update is the changes made to Modeler's OpenXR framework adding basic support for VR headsets other than Oculus. According to the developers, Valve's Valve Index headset has been tested and is officially supported, while other headsets may work but would require testing.

As for the new features, the 1.1 version comes with a new Array Copy feature, which enables you to create multiple duplicates of an object evenly spaced along a line, a new Boolean operation Split, which separates clay based on the surface of the boolean object, and a more intuitive Export menu, which has been reorganized so that it's clearer which options impact each other and has got an additional Generate UDIMs toggle.

And here's the list of changes that come with the update:

  • Various UX improvements to stamps.
  • Improved the export progress bar to more closely reflect actual progress.
  • Visual improvements to toasts (progress bar and notification popups).
  • Improvements to the auto-UV algorithm.
  • Improved UX when hiding the user interface (shortcut F8).
  • On desktop, the camera can now focus on an empty layer (shortcut F).
  • The position of the Smooth and Buildup tools have been switched in the Palette. This is so that the Buildup and Inflate tools similar functions can be neighbors.
  • Removed the Sample resolution button.

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