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Substance 3D Painter 10 & UE5 Workflow Electric Guitar Showcase

3D Artist Ronan Mahon explored the latest font and asset store integration with displacement workflow in Substance 3D Painter and Nanite tesselated displacement in Unreal Engine 5.

Combining displacement workflow in Substance 3D Painter and Nanite tesselated displacement in Unreal Engine 5, Ronan Mahon showcased system fonts and Substance 3D Assets library integration in the latest 3D Painter's major release.

All of the stickers, models, and materials were taken from the 3D Assets store, and captured in real-time with Lumen in Unreal Engine 5.4 using Sequencer with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090.

Ronan Mahon

Ronan Mahon

According to Ronan Mahon, the strap uses both displacement and a masked material to create surface relief and cut the adjustable holes. For the crushed velvet, he took a hand mark Grunge in 3D Painter and "fed some left and right normals into it to get the effect of flattened fabric pile".

3D Path tool – pick your thread and add a little displaced pucker for depth. Text as a mask – you can bevel, curve, or ease any font with a filter. Swap your font in the mask at any time. Punch out some adjustable strap holes by setting a thorn shape to repeat horizontally and use the masked shader with opacity to see the result.

Ronan Mahon

Ronan Mahon

Ronan Mahon

The artist made a whole series of tests exploring mixing Substance 3D Painter 10 and Unreal Engine 5 workflows. Check out this delicious strawberry jam toast showcase and see more on Ronan Mahon's ArtStation page:

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