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Take-Two's CEO Says That with GTA 6, Devs Are "Seeking Perfection"

When they feel that the game is ready, they'll launch it.

Image credit: Rockstar, GTA 6

Even though the release of this much-anticipated game, GTA 6, is still far away, we're getting more and more details about it, picking up pieces and trying to recreate the whole picture.

During the latest earnings call, Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, answering one of the investor's questions, shared that with GTA 6, the developer is "seeking perfection", and when the game coincides with the expectations, they'll launch it.

"We're seeking perfection, and when we feel we've optimized creatively, that's the time to release," Zelnick stated. "There is inherent tension, potentially, between getting something to market and creating perfection, but this company errs on the side of perfection," he added.

Take-Two's CEO also noticed that people all over the world are looking forward to seeing the game, and the whole anticipation seems to be bigger than the last time with GTA 5

"Our sense is that the anticipation [for GTA 6] is much higher [than for GTA V]," shared Zelnick (via PC Gamer). "Much, much higher. On the other hand, you know, 195 million units [of GTA 5 sales] to date is nothing to sneeze at. We stop well short of making predictions about how the title will do, but clearly, anticipation is running very, very high."

The release of GTA 6 is slated for the next year. Since the announcement of the next installment in the GTA franchise, the GTA 6's trailer managed to beat MrBeast's videos and become the most-viewed video in 24 hours.

Also, GTA 5 has recently hit 195 million units sold, while Red Dead Redemption 2 has sold over 61 million copies.

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