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The Binding of Isaac Creator Says Mewgenics Is "the Most Exciting Game" He Has Developed

Edmund McMillen shared what he likes about the upcoming cat-breeding RPG.

The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy are both Edmund McMillen's extremely successful games, but it seems we might see something even greater from the developer. Talking to Edge Magazine, he revealed that the upcoming cat-breeding RPG Mewgenics is "the most exciting game" he's ever developed.

He first came up with the idea of fighting cats 11 years ago, but it was not met enthusiastically by the team back then, so he had to abandon it, although it had always been on his mind.

"I loved the world," McMillen said. "I loved the game, I loved the sense of humour, and I loved that kind of legacy-based idea of permanence, and bloodline, and family, and flaw." 

Several years later, the developer finally got to work on what he had been dreaming about. He describes Mewgenics as a "Pokémon-style turn-based fighting game. You'd breed your cats, they'd have different abilities, and then you'd fight them against a slew of other cats, Pokémon style."

The best part of the RPG is the stories you witness as your cats develop their personalities. Considering McMillen's past hits, we expect a lot of fun in this one.

Mewgenics is being developed by McMillen together with Tyler Glaiel and will be launched in 2024.

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