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The DRAMA Team Shares Some Updates on Their Hyper-Realistic Unrecord Shooter

"Remember, our goal isn't to rush the game for quick profit."

Image credit: DRAMA, Unrecord

DRAMA, the developer behind the upcoming hyper-realistic single-player FPS, Unrecord, recently took to Twitter and provided some updates on the shooter. This is the first time the creators have shared anything since April 2023, when they last published answers to fan questions.

The team also shared that they continue "working tirelessly on the game" and try not to spoil anything since other studios might replicate it.

"It's flattering, in a way, to see elements of our vision being echoed in the industry, even if only in a superficial form. However, we're introducing a lot more of new innovative elements, which is why we've chosen to keep these developments under wraps for now," reads the statement from DRAMA. "What we have publicly shown of the game is just a tiny part of what we are doing. Rest assured, the development is progressing smoothly, we're just opting to work more discreetly and focus on the quality of the game. But expect some big reveals this year.

The studio also teases fans with some "big reveals" to come later this year, although it's unclear what exactly these announcements will entail. The developer of the shooter also mentioned that the game is still in active development and there's no "beta or early access available at this stage," warning fans to dismiss any such information as fake.

The team emphasized their commitment to avoiding rushed releases for quick profits, saying that they are taking their time to ensure a quality game. Also, the team shared some images featuring models of a machine gun and a pistol, hinting at their potential inclusion in the final release of the project.

"Remember, our goal isn't to rush the game for quick profit. Thank you for your patience." wrote the team.

Image credit: DRAMA, Unrecord

Image credit: DRAMA, Unrecord

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