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The GTA Franchise Celebrates Its 25th Birthday

The beloved Grand Theft Auto series celebrated the quarter-century birthday, and all fans got was two lousy t-shirts.

On November 28, 2022, the legendary Grand Theft Auto franchise celebrated its twenty-fifth birthday, with the release of the first 2D game all the way back in 1997 marking its birthday date. Developed by DMA Design, a studio that would become Rockstar North, the original GTA game was nothing more than a crime simulator with a simplistic top-down view, a far cry from the immersive sandboxes of the 3D and HD eras.

Thanks to the developers' passion and continuous support for the series, Grand Theft Auto eventually grew into its legendary status, becoming a multi-billion franchise and getting seven standalone titles, four expansion packs, and multiple remasters of varying quality.

To celebrate the anniversary, many fans of the series shared their GTA-related childhood memories and experiences, reminiscing about the great moments those games provided. Here are some of the fan reactions we found on Twitter:

The developers themselves, on the other hand, have seemingly decided not to make a big deal out of the occasion, celebrating GTA's 25th birthday by giving away two t-shirts in Grand Theft Auto Online. Whether it is an elaborate Vice City reference or not remains a mystery.

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