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This Addicting Resident Evil-Themed Coin Pusher Game Will Keep You Enthralled

Simple but fun.

If you don't have enough addictions keeping you away from work, add this little Resident Evil-flavored coin pusher game to the mix. Created by Kai Morgan, this simple experience does what the real deal does: you throw in a coin and hope it moves trinkets, other coins, and objects closer to the "checkout" gap. 

The treat here is all kinds of Resident Evil things that you can get, like key cards, bullets, medicinal sprays, and other stuff. 

Morgan, however, warns that you should be careful playing this game if you have an addiction issue and can obsess over things instead of being productive. For everybody else, though, it's a nice way to relax.

The game was created in Unreal Engine, and he thinks it's a great project to do if you want to learn game development in the software.

Image credit: Kai Morgan

The coin game is available for free, and you should follow the creator on X/Twitter if you want to see more of his works.

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