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This Artist Added Custom Subsurface Scattering to Unity URP

And shared the nodes so you can recreate the setup yourself.

Senior Environment Artist and Game Developer Andrew Alexandrov has recently showcased a neat custom-made setup that enabled him to add Subsurface Scattering capabilities to Unity's Universal Render Pipeline (URP), which doesn't have SSS by default. Over on Reddit, Andrew shared a brief demo showcasing his custom SSS in action using an iconic Stanford dragon model. In addition, the developer revealed the node graphs and code behind the setup, allowing one to recreate it in Unity's Shader Graph in just minutes.

The use of the Stanford dragon to illustrate customized Subsurface Scattering prompted some to speculate that Andrew simply plagiarized the techniques demonstrated in Enrique Ventura's 2022 tutorial, which also detailed the setup of SSS in URP and featured the dragon.

In response to these accusations, Andrew asserted that although he had indeed seen the tutorial before, he employed his own approach, distinct from Enrique's. "Although the algorithm is the same for every simple SSS from direct light (Dot product of view direction and direct light direction), the shader on video can't get shadows from other objects," commented the author. "Also, I didn't use the custom node for light direction. Unity already has it."

You can learn more about the setup and the code behind it by checking out Andrew's original Reddit post.

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