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This Game Shows What Getting Over It Would Be in 3D

One Box One Goal brings you back to 2017.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy couldn't leave both players and game developers indifferent. The clones it spawned are evidence of that, and more are to come with One Box One Goal, an upcoming game by Loyalty Interactive, which adds a couple more dimensions to the hardcore climber.

Loyalty Interactive

The rules stay the same: your lower part is trapped in a box this time, and you need to climb to the top of a bizarre conglomeration made of rocks, boxes, and giant objects using a hammer as your only support. Getting Over It was notoriously difficult, and the calm background voice commenting on your mistakes and falls added to the infuriating experience. One Box One Goal doesn't seem to have voice narration, but in other ways, it follows the path Foddy once set promising some kind of twist.

Loyalty Interactive

"This game is probably a love letter to frustration, a celebration of the human capacity to endure," says the developer. The 3D part of this adventure might have made the challenge either more or less unbearable, as in the 2D version, you sometimes couldn't see what you were supposed to grab, which resulted in many downfalls.

Loyalty Interactive

Loyalty Interactive wanted to bring back the "golden age" atmosphere of Getting Over It, and we will be able to see if the studio managed to do it when One Box One Goal launches. It's unclear when exactly it will be, but you can wishlist the game to avoid missing any updates.

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  • Anonymous user

    I already see streamers playing it and raging so much 😭😂 I love the trailer


    Anonymous user

    ·20 days ago·

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