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This Hack-n-Slash Game With Stylish Animations Gets a New Demo

Zefram showcased SuperSimmer's SUPER Stamina system.

Indie Game Developer Zefram has recently gone viral on Twitter once again by providing one more look at SuperSimmer, an upcoming Unreal Engine 5-powered hack-and-slash action game featuring time dilation mechanics, flashy animations, and brutal combat gameplay.

This time, the developer showcased SuperSimmer's SUPER Stamina system, which allows players to negate slow-motion by holding the "Shift" button, thus enabling them to, no pun intended, shift between slow-mo and real-time, creating more cinematic sequences. According to the creator, a special post-processing effect to better indicate the depth and speed of time dilation to players is planned for the final version of SuperSimmer.

Earlier, Zefram also shared a series of demos showcasing SuperSimmer's destruction system, power-up pickup system, improved lighting, and a new game level set in a fancy modern-style restaurant where the main dish is the gibs of dozens of undead that our protagonist must chop, slice, and dice:

For those unaware, SuperSimmer, formerly known as Super1337, is an intense third-person hack-n-slash wave-based survival that lets you turn hordes of zombies into mincemeat.

The game encourages a mix of finesse and strategic thinking, prompting players to carefully plan their move sets and combos within the brief moments of bullet time. If you take too long to eliminate enemies, they'll get faster and easily overwhelm you. Conversely, engaging in combat without thoughtful consideration may leave you vulnerable to making losing moves. You can learn more and wishlist the game on Steam.

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