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This Impressive Icebreaker Simulation Was Made Using Houdini

4 million particles of the breaking ice sim were set up using Vellum grains in Houdini 19.5.

Matthieu Pujol, a Technical Artist and FX Supervisor, who celebrated Halloween 2023 with a cool ocean shore simulation inspired by Terminator: Dark Fate's infamous opening scene, continues experimenting with Houdini's FX capabilities, presenting a new stunning sim.

This time, the creator used Houdini 19.5's Vellum grains to simulate a gigantic icebreaker ship, created by kitbashing multiple models together, sailing through a gigantic ice shelf consisting of 4 million particles, which took around 8-10 hours to simulate on 700 frames.

Created in collaboration with Valentine Baillon, who was responsible for UVs and texturing, the sim was rendered in Arnold over 1500 frames 30sec/frame. As a cherry on top, Matthieu utilized a generator to imitate the voice of Sir David Attenborough, a renowned broadcaster whose voice you might recognize instantly if you are a fan of BBC's documentaries.

And here are some of Matthieu's earlier works, you can check out more by visiting the artist's LinkedIn and Vimeo pages:

If you would like to learn more about Houdini's Vellum Grains, here are some great tutorials that will help you comprehend both the basics and advanced techniques:

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