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This Indie Game Lets You Explore Liminal Spaces

Solve puzzles and explore the backrooms in this upcoming game by ValenQpr.

Image Credit: VaIenQpr, Dreamcore

More than four years after the release of the original creepypasta, the fascination with "liminal spaces" and "backrooms" remains as strong as ever. This enduring interest continues to ignite the creativity of the next generation of game developers as they reimagine the enigmatic nowhere rooms into a playable format.

A notable case in point is Dreamcore, an upcoming game by Solo Game Developer VaIenQpr, named after the surrealist aesthetic of liminal spaces. This impressive game introduces a body-cam-style psychological horror experience, allowing players to explore a variety of liminal spaces inspired by some of the most iconic "backrooms" images. In Dreamcore, players will take on the challenge of navigating through eerie levels and solving puzzles along the way, with the ultimate goal, as you might have already guessed, of escaping.

Image Credit: VaIenQpr, Dreamcore

Image Credit: VaIenQpr, Dreamcore

"You will be able to explore the liminal spaces in a way never seen before and in first person; the camera has an interface reminiscent of the old VHS tapes, and tries to be graphically faithful to the feeling you might experience if you were inside the backrooms," comments the developer.

Image Credit: VaIenQpr, Dreamcore

Image Credit: VaIenQpr, Dreamcore

YouTuber ManlyBadassHero has recently shared a comprehensive walkthrough providing a closer look at the game's unnerving environments:

You can learn more and access the playable demo version of Dreamcore by visiting the developer's Twitter page and the game's Steam page.

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