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This Stylish Anti-Gravity Racer Has Machine-to-Machine Combat

Check out an Unreal Engine-based anti-gravity racer focused on high velocity and machine combat, aiming to be one of the most responsive racing experiences ever and putting its own spin on the classic racing game nostalgia.

Aaron McDevitt is the sole developer behind Aero GPX, a "difficult to master" anti-gravity racing game featuring machine-to-machine combat, where pilots have to fight for the best position with risky maneuvers and visceral attacks.

While it obviously drew inspiration from retro racing games, Aero GPX has some pretty gritty retrofuturistic art direction choices with stylish black outlines and ambitious game mechanics. The engine choice is also unusual, as Unreal Engine rarely gets picked for stylized projects similar to this one.

According to the game's Steam Page, the core gameplay of Aero GPX is best described by its most important aspects:

  • Responsive Handling and Controls
  • Machine-to-Machine Combat
  • Flight
  • Merciless AI Opponents
  • Anti-Gravity and Obstacles

Image Credit: Aaron McDevitt, Aero GPX

Aero GPX's goal is to be one of the most responsive racing experiences, aiming to give the player the feeling of controlling the machine as if it were a character in an action game, instead of simply driving it.

Image Credit: Aaron McDevitt, Aero GPX

Machine-to-machine combat is definitely Aero GPX's most prominent feature. The player must attack their opponents before they do the same but always keep in mind the health and integrity of their own machine are at stake.

The fellow pilots on track are represented by AI and are said to display many different personality traits, mostly being very vicious. There are 30 machines on the circuit for each race in Aero GPX.

Image Credit: Aaron McDevitt, Aero GPX

Naturally, flying at high speeds is the foundation of it all. There's a rich variety of options available to the player: "Machines can use a deadly homing attack in order to reliably attack an opponent, creatively maneuver to dodge obstacles, or take big risks 'Drill Diving' in and out of them in order to build the most amount of speed possible!"

Image Credit: Aaron McDevitt, Aero GPX

Aero GPX features a complex physics system that allows vehicles to drive on any surface in any orientation in space. The tracks are promised to contain many jumps, challenges, and obstacles in order to constantly provide new experiences to the pilot.

Here's the latest WIP shared by Aaron McDevitt showcasing a lap run:

Aero GPX's release date is scheduled for 2024. The developer often shares clips and other WIP materials, so be sure to check out his X/Twitter account if you want to stay updated on the game's progress.

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