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This Survival Horror Game Made With Godot Engine Is Coming This Year

It's a thriller that blends pixelated 2.5D graphics with a bizarre, rich storyline, and non-euclidean scenes.

Indie game developer Noah Lewin, self-introduced as ‘Indie Dev making weird stories with video games’, recently released new footage for his game in development, Red Silhouette.

Red Silhouette is a 2.5D survival horror game set in the not-so-distant future. You'll enter the world as Eevi, who is a security officer hired by a mysterious trillionaire and working at the Silver Leaf Mall.

Image Credit: Noah Lewin, Red Silhouette

Eevi's role is to ward off trespassers and combat the creatures that have taken over the once-bustling mall, which was left in the dust by the wealthy who relocated to miniature, luxury Earths above the skies.

Image Credit: Noah Lewin, Red Silhouette

In third-person, you'll combat the mall's monsters and manage a limited inventory to navigate different sectors. As you plunge into the mall's shifting corridors, you'll encounter the haunting Red Silhouette. These spectral warnings and distant memories guide you through the mall's non-euclidean passages, immersing you in a cycle of violence ingrained in the mall's memory.

Image Credit: Noah Lewin, Red Silhouette

Image Credit: Noah Lewin, Red Silhouette

Let's delve deeper into the game by watching additional footage that Lewin has shared:

It's worth mentioning that Red Silhouette is built with Godot, a free open-source engine positioned as an alternative to Unity. Although still in development, the game has a planned release for later this year. If you are interested in this game, don't hesitate to add it to your Steam wishlist.

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