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This Unity-Powered Horror Game Has an Unusual Color Palette

Check out Lighthouse, a WIP black-and-yellow horror game by Jérémy Payre.

Today, let's have a closer look at Lighthouse, an upcoming horror game being created by Game Developer and Technical Designer Jérémy Payre. Powered by Unity, the game entered production back in early May and is currently in its earlier stages of development, with the creator regularly sharing incredible behind-the-scenes demos that offer a look at Lighthouse's gameplay mechanics and visual style.

According to Jérémy's video showcases, the game will be set in the rooms of a stylized dungeon-like structure, tasking the player to navigate its halls and avoid various traps, such as crushing walls and floor spikes that can instantly kill the character.

"The game mainly takes place in a dungeon, but not exclusively. I should be able to show the other environments in the coming months," Jérémy added.

The game also has an interesting approach to lighting, completely obscuring unlit areas of the player's surroundings and making only those sections of the environment visible that are bathed in light, either from the player's flashlight or the glow of chandeliers. It seems that in this instance, "light" forms a crucial part and one-half of what makes the "lighthouse" so appealing.

"Light is a central feature of the game," commented the developer. "Both in terms of graphics and gameplay. Light is used to solve puzzles and to protect you from monsters."

The other half of Lighthouse's appeal comes from, well, the "house", or rather its unusual color palette that features only two primary colors – black and yellow – for unlit and lit parts, respectively.

While those two are the colors that absolutely dominate the screen, there was also the third color shown by the developer, but from what we've seen, you can only access the third color by being bad at the game and falling victim to one of the traps Lighthouse throws at you.

So far, there's no information on the game's release date, but as mentioned before, Lighthouse appears to be in early development and most likely won't see the light of day until 2024 or 2025. We highly encourage you to visit Jérémy's Twitter page to learn more about the game.

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