This Upcoming RPG City Builder Lets You Create Flying Cities

Airborne Empire, a new game from the creators of The Wandering Village and Airborne Kingdom, has got an official gameplay trailer.

The Wandering Band, a game development team behind the 2022 Airborne Kingdom, and Stray Fawn Studio, the creator of The Wandering Village, have shared a brand-new trailer for their upcoming game Airborne Empire, showcasing the soon-to-be-released title's gameplay mechanics. 

Image Credit: The Wandering Band, Airborne Empire

For those unaware, Airborne Empire is an open-world game that blends the systematic elements of city construction and management titles with the thrill and excitement of an RPG, allowing players to create and customize their own flying cities and traverse a vast map filled to the brim with dangers, exotic wonders, and hidden treasures.

Image Credit: The Wandering Band, Airborne Empire

Exploring the diverse biomes of Airborne Empire immerses you in an open world brimming with vibrant characters, dialogue choices, side-quests, and hidden marvels. Assisting local communities provides the knowledge to create advanced technologies, such as lift, propulsion, and morale buildings, which you can then build in your city.

Image Credit: The Wandering Band, Airborne Empire

Additionally, you'll acquire enhanced tools for defense and offense against the sky pirates, who threaten the safety of your city and the kingdoms below. Structures like defense towers, cannons, and attack planes can be researched, upgraded, and enhanced with tools discovered while exploring and uncovering the world's mysteries.

Image Credit: The Wandering Band, Airborne Empire

Airborne Empire is set to be launched sometime in 2024. You can learn more and wishlist the game by clicking this link.

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