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Travel Back To The '70s And Embark On An Unknown Road Trip

This indie game allows you to step into the role of a notorious fugitive, the subject of heated on-air discussions and relentless police pursuits.

This coming May, prepare to embark on a thrilling road journey with Heading Out, a distinctive driving game that draws inspiration from classic 70's road movies.

The game blends racing, visual novel, and roguelike elements. Through a stylized, black-and-white, nostalgic visual lens, you will be setting out on an unpredictable road trip across the USA.

Image Credit: Serious Sim, Heading Out

Image Credit: Serious Sim, Heading Out

Heading Out is unique because it crafts the journey around your motivations. In this game, there's no definite answer to the question, "Where is my destination?" That's to say, your journey has no set end.

Not only the destination, the roguelike gameplay means your fears, dreams, ambitions, and choices shape the road ahead. Every strategic decision you make affects various aspects of the game, from the people you meet to what radio hosts say about you, practical concerns like fuel consumption, car condition, and even your wanted level.

Image Credit: Serious Sim, Heading Out

Image Credit: Serious Sim, Heading Out

Besides the unique graphic style and roguelike gameplay, the game features an eclectic Americana soundtrack that sets the tone for each playthrough as you navigate the unpredictable challenges of the Western frontier.

Take a look at the review from Andy Chalk, a journalist at PC Gamer, who has had first-hand experience with the game:

"To me it feels more like an open-road adventure game, where the story, not the wheel time, is what really matters. That might be a little off-putting for people looking for a more straight-up racing game, but even though it's an unusual formula, based on what I've seen so far it works: The road beckons, and win or lose I want to see what's ahead."

Image Credit: Serious Sim, Heading Out

Image Credit: Serious Sim, Heading Out

The game is set to be launched on May 7 and can be added to your wishlist on Steam now.  You can also follow the game on Twitter to be updated. 

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