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Tutorial: Sci-Fi Door Generator in Houdini

A step-by-step 4-part guide from Simon Verstraete and the Houdini team.

The course will tell you about setting up a functioning door asset useful for creating sci-fi levels. The best thing is that the asset will allow you to customize the shape, size, and details, featuring efficient poly counts, UVs, collision geometry and texture maps.

The first step is to create a procedural model in Houdini. Then, you need to work on a digital asset that can be used up in Unity with the Houdini Engine plug-in. "The asset will generate both high res and low res geometry which will feed baking tools built right inside the asset. These will create texture maps that can be used in Unity to feed a shader that can be customized for each door," noted the instructor. 


Modeling the door

Creating the digital asset

High poly/low poly:

Working in Unity

The guide was originally published here

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