Tutorial: Using BSurfaces Blender Add-On for Retopology

Jan van den Hemel has released a new tutorial on using Blender's BSurfaces add-on and Annotation to quickly retopologize objects.

Tutorial-maker and the writer of the Blender Secrets e-book Jan van den Hemel has released a great new tutorial that will teach you an unorthodox way of retopologizing objects in Blender. The author used the BSurfaces add-on, which is included with Blender and allows to easily sketch retopology guides with the annotate tool, which is then turned into actual geometry. In the tutorial, Jan showed how to set everything up, how to tweak the tool's settings, how to add additional loops in case you need them, and more. The method is very quick and, according to Jan, is "essential in anyone’s retopology toolset."

Jan van den Hemel's Blender Secrets YouTube channel also features countless enlightening tutorials filled with Blender-related tips and tricks. From sculpting to texture painting to rendering – all the aspects of the 3D production process are covered on this channel. So, if you are an aspiring Blender Artist, we highly recommend Hemel's channel.

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