Ubisoft Launches Snowdrop Hub

A new website reveals details on the website's features and how Massive approaches the production of their projects.

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment, the developer of the Division games and the upcoming Avatar games, announced the launch of a new campaign for the Snowdrop engine. For the first time ever, the team decided to shared information on the engine with non-users of Snowdrop including its features, tools, and development through this new website.

The website states that they will be sharing details on different projects that have used Snowdrop in the past, and what they plan to introduce in the future. They plan to release articles with experts from Ubisoft studios from all over the world.

"Snowdrop is an amazing game engine that is being adopted by more Ubisoft teams every year. This campaign showcases the best qualities of Snowdrop. It’s an opportunity to build community, to share and to collaborate around making Snowdrop the best game engine possible," said Ola Holmdahl, Production Manager for the Snowdrop Engine.

The website revealed, for example, that when it comes to lighting, Snowdrop supports different lighting technologies including real-time global illumination, dynamic day and night cycles, raytracing, reflections, and contact shadows. It is also based on modularity. "Snowdrop comes with a myriad of tools and each functions both on its own and as an entity. This enables teams to work flexibly with the specific modules needed to create the game they envision," wrote the team.

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