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UE4-Powered Modular Sci-Fi Undeground Lab

Charlie Evans shared a breakdown of the Sci-Fi Underground environment and showed how the modular pieces were made.


Hello, I'm Charlie Evans, a 3D Environment/Prop Artist from Ankara, Turkey. I studied at Ankara Baskent University and worked as a freelancer for a long time after graduating. My heart has always been devoted to game development, but the opportunities for this type of work in Turkey were pretty slim.

Finally, we developed a game in Ankara Metu Teknokent and this game was for PlayStation 4. One of my biggest achievements there was that I made all the environmental models and materials. I am currently freelancing with many companies and with many publishers. We produce environments, tools, accessories, and even materials for the Unreal Engine Market:

Underground Sci-Fi Environment

The project started as an empty idea for an underground video game. Years ago I wanted to create such a scene as I was very impressed with the concept while playing Half-Life. A few months ago, I wanted to update my portfolio. Most of my work over the past few years was confidential, and I needed to start a new project. I absolutely adore Half-Life, so I thought it would be fun to try to make an environment that would look like next-gen Half-Life.

Modular Pieces

First of all, I started modeling based on the elevator scene in Half-Life. In the project, which I started completely as a trim sheet, I produced 1 main material and then detailed the details with the trim sheet technique.

The most important thing for me was how I was going to finish the job, the right and best way to start a job on time, good references, and making a plan. Now, before starting the modular environment project, it can be any project, a good reference is in the first place, then a good plan.


One of the most important and remarkable things on my map was the detailed walls. Before making these walls I created the main material. Throwing different materials on each wall was hard for me since there will be more than one wall, so I easily passed with 1 material and 2 different trim sheet materials. The rock materials in the part of the elevator are advanced materials made with Unreal Engine 4. 


The scene was built in Unreal 4.23, I wanted the scene to feel warm and inviting but also have very cool colors for the setting to stand out. I didn't use much post-processing in the scene, I adjusted the brightness a bit. I wanted to draw attention to the color harmony of the composition with 2 dynamic lights, and I also sharpened the models with a special post-process material.


Before starting such an environment, a good plan must be made. First I started modeling directly, then I asked myself, where should the elevator be? Where should the room be? I asked where and where and 3 days were wasted. I was very upset when I faced such a problem, but I got over it. My suggestion is a good reference and a good plan.

I’d advise anyone doing environment art to get involved with a community like Dinusty Empire and soak up all the information you can from every resource you can. and push yourself past your comfort zone from time to time. I know it's been said before, but fail often and as quickly as you can. That’s how we grow.

Charlie Evans, 3D Environment Artist

Interview conducted by Arti Sergeev

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