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Unreal Engine Offers 500+ Character Animations Completely For Free

Featuring multiple Motion Matching databases to enhance your character animations.

Delivering on its promise made during GDC 2024, Epic Games has officially released Game Animation Sample Project, an awesome free-to-download animation database of over 500 high-quality AAA character animations, complete with a fully functional character and animation Blueprint. 

Powered by Epic's novel Motion Matching toolset, the Game Animation Sample Project brings dynamic, fully functional animation systems essential for game development. AAA developers can use this sample as a foundation for pre-production, exploring Unreal Engine's gameplay animation features, and mastering Motion Matching techniques, while indie creators will benefit from its plug-and-play locomotion and access to hundreds of game-ready animations compatible with all UE Mannequins, perfect for establishing humanoid locomotion in games.

"Motion Matching is a simple yet powerful way to animate characters in games. It continuously selects the best frame of animation to play from its motion database, aiming to closely match the current pose of the character as well as its past and future movement," comments the team. "The system scales to the size of your dataset to reach your desired fidelity and uses Pose Warping algorithms to fill in the gaps.

Motion Matching is about more than locomotion – it's a powerful tool for jumping, falling, and complex traversal (think parkour). Using 3D trajectory prediction, Motion Matching can produce seamless transitions with anticipation and long follow-throughs for realistic results. Combined with a vast library of animation poses created from high-end motion capture data, the locomotion and traversal dataset in this sample project makes for a powerful new way to animate characters – including MetaHumans."

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