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Using DALL-E 2 in Game Development to Fix Textures

Another practical application of the text-to-image tool.

Using AI to generate images is not that surprising anymore, so artists are looking for new ways to utilize text-to-image tools. One of the ways to make your game development workflow easier is using OpenAI's DALL-E 2 to fix textures, as demonstrated by Technical Artist Shahriar Shahrabi.

The artist says this method is especially useful for fixing missing textures in photogrammetry and getting a lot of variation. Shahrabi used Blender's projection tool to get the result you see in the video.

While it looks great, the artist mentions that the resolution of the image is a bit too low for a base 8k texture and it can do a 1k maximum. 

One of the best ways to empower your pipeline is to combine this feature with DALL-E's ability to create materials. And if you're not sure how to phrase your prompts right, check out this book. Other similar tools, like Midjourney, can also make materials.

Follow Shahriar Shahrabi on Twitter to see more cool experiments.

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