Utilizing Apple's RoomPlan for 3D Environment Modeling

Hirokazu Yokohara demonstrated the results of a new experiment with RoomPlan API.

Japanese 3D Artist and Generalist Hirokazu Yokohara, known for pushing various software to its limits to produce mind-blowing projects, has unveiled the results of a recently-conducted experiment with RoomPlan, Apple's new API that uses the camera and LiDAR scanner on iPhone or iPad to create a 3D floor plan of a room.

Using RoomPlan and Polycam's scanner, the artist managed to capture the layout of the room in real-time, differentiating this method from photogrammetry, and turn the scans into a barebones 3D model of the room, showing that it is now possible to greatly simplify the modeling stage of environment art projects. What's more, the artist showed that this method can also be used to export 2D drawings.

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