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Victorian Steampunk RPG with Tarot Cards & Disco Elysium Vibes

Sovereign Syndicate brings an open world, a cult, and an investigation to the table.

Are you tired of the mundane world around you? Then check out Sovereign Syndicate, a freshly released Victorian steampunk RPG where your fate is decided not by dice but by tarot cards.

Image credit: Crimson Herring Studios

"Explore an open world in this Victorian steampunk cRPG. Play as three characters with branching stories that intertwine. Investigate, interact, and take action to leave your mark on the world and its inhabitants. No random stat points here, use your skills to level them up, and trust your fate to our tarot card chance system."

Image credit: Crimson Herring Studios

If you look at the screenshots and remember one very popular game (or maybe more than one), you're not crazy: the game is inspired by Disco Elysium along with Arcanum and Shadowrun.

While your investigation leads you to a cult, you can choose how you approach it: through combat, persuasion, magic, explosives, or another creative way. NPCs react to your gender, race, appearance, and dialogue choices, so think about your next move carefully. Just don't forget: the tarot card system might grant or take away your luck.

Image credit: Crimson Herring Studios

Your character isn't static, they improve their abilities if you take them for a walk or let them die if you ignore them. You can do whatever you want in the game's rich open world, just be aware of the consequences. 

Speaking of characters, you have three to choose from:

  • Atticus Daley, an orphaned minotaur magician crawling out of the bottom of a bottle to find a sense of belonging, and his next fix.
  • Clara Reed, a corsair with a checkered past, and a cunning woman with a rebellious streak. Follow her on a search for vengeance, and the courtesan killer.
  • Otto, the trusty automaton and companion of engineer Theodore Redgrave. More than just the sum of his parts, Otto wants more to life than servitude and utility.

Image credit: Crimson Herring Studios

They all have their own skills, equipment, and expertise, so use them wisely.

Check out Sovereign Syndicate on Steam and join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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