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"We Still Love You": Palworld Commented on Losing Two-Thirds of Its Players

Pocketpair's Community Manager addressed the recent decline in Palworld's playerbase, saying that it is perfectly fine to take breaks from video games.

Image Credit: Pocketpair, Palworld

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past few days, chances are you've already seen countless alarmist news articles online proclaiming that Palworld, the latest indie game sensation, has "lost 70% of its playerbase" and is already on the verge of irrelevance. Comparing the game's all-time peak of 2.1 million players to the measly 500K+ it attracts daily, many suggested that Palworld was a one-trick pony and would soon become a forgotten page in the gaming industry history book.

In response to such articles, Pocketpair's Community Manager, known only as Bucky, issued a lengthy statement addressing the decline in Palworld's playerbase and sharing a sneak peek at the studio's current plans for the game.

In the statement, Bucky disclosed that the game's current player numbers greatly exceed the team's pre-launch expectations. "I was convinced that Palworld could break the 50,000 player mark. Anything above that seemed unobtainable though, and I certainly never expected it to reach into the millions," commented Bucky.

Image Credit: Pocketpair, Palworld

Afterward, the manager discussed the articles concerning Palworld's numbers, referring to the "emerging 'Palworld has lost X% of its player base' discourse" as lazy and noting that it is perfectly fine to take breaks from games from time to time.

"You don't need to feel bad about that. Palworld, like many games before it, isn't in a position to pump out massive amounts of new content on a weekly basis. New content will come, and it's going to be awesome, but these things take a little bit of time."

Finally, Bucky reassured players who have moved on from Palworld, affirming the team's continuing love for them and expressing hope for their return as the game evolves with new content, Pals, and other features currently in development.

"There are so many amazing games out there to play; you don't need to feel guilty about hopping from game to game. If you are still playing Palworld, we love you. If you're no longer playing Palworld, we still love you, and we hope you'll come back for round 2 when you're ready. Play lots of games, try different genres, and frequently flick through indie libraries to find hidden gems."

You can read the full statement here. Previously, Pocketpair also announced that they are recruiting for all positions, looking for planning/engineering specialists in particular. "It doesn't matter what engine you have experience with, so if you are interested in creating a completely new game, please apply," the team said in the announcement. You can learn more and apply by clicking this link.

Image Credit: Pocketpair, Palworld

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