Weekly Books: Writing Great Video Games
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Weekly Books: Writing Great Video Games
23 August, 2019
Top 10

This new set of five books will tell you how to get started with writing deep and meaningful game stories.

Video Game Storytelling: What Every Developer Needs to Know about Narrative Techniques

In Video Game Storytelling, game writer and producer Evan Skolnick shares a guide to storytelling basics and how they can be applied at every stage of the development process. It includes relevant examples from top games and other media with a breakdown of the key roles in game development, showing how a team’s shared understanding and application of core storytelling principles can deepen the player experience.

Slay the Dragon: Writing Great Video Games

Written by two creative veterans of both Hollywood and “Nerdyhood,” Slay the Dragon discusses the challenges and offers creative solutions to writing for games, aiming at traditional writers who want to learn interactive narrative as well as game creators who want to tell better, more emotionally involving stories.

Story Structure and Development: A Guide for Animators, VFX Artists, Game Designers, and Virtual Reality

Professor Craig Caldwell’s “Story Structure and Development” book provides a clear guide to the essentials of the story, laying out the fundamental elements, principles, and structure for animators, designers, and artists so they can incorporate these concepts in their work. The book includes extensive insights and advice from industry professionals.

The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design 

The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design focuses on creating games that are involving, emotional experience for the gamer. The book discusses integrating story into the game, writing the game script, putting together the game bible, creating the design document, and working on an original intellectual property versus working with licenses.

Interactive Stories and Video Game Art: A Storytelling Framework for Game Design

Interactive Stories and Video Game Art defines a common design language for “understanding and orchestrating interactive masterpieces using techniques inherited from the rich history of art and craftsmanship that games build upon.” The book focuses on case studies of hit games like The Last of Us, Journey, and Minecraft to illustrate the vital components needed to create emotionally-complex stories.

Winter Environment by ANGRY MESH is created for quick and quality development of winter nature scenes. Contains additional shaders with which you can adjust the snow amount on trees, grass, and props.

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