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Working with Nanite in Unreal Engine 5.1

Yota Tasaki has demonstrated the capabilities of Unreal's updated Nanite feature.

With Unreal Engine 5.1 Preview becoming available last week, more and more developers are starting to experiment with its features to learn how the engine's upcoming version differs from the existing one and how its features handle artistic tasks. One such experiment was recently presented by 3D Environment Artist Yota Tasaki, who decided to test out one of UE5's most notable features – Nanite.

According to Yota, the feature in question has been further improved in UE5.1 and is now able to handle objects with a high level of detail. For demonstration, the artist has set up a large-scale forest environment made by placing hundreds of high-poly trees made with SpeedTree and showed that the engine is fully capable of working with such an enormous amount of assets. The author also commented that the tree used for the demonstration has around 3 million polygons.

Even the Unreal Engine team was impressed:

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