Xbox Game Pass Is Not Coming to PlayStation or Nintendo Switch

Phil Spencer dispels rumors.

Image credit: vfhnb12 / Shutterstock

When Xbox CFO Tim Stuart said Microsoft wanted Game Pass on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and "every screen that can play games," I was skeptical: why would its biggest competitors accept such an offer? But I needn't have questioned the decision as it's not true, apparently.

In an interview with Windows Central, Xbox boss Phil Spencer denied the fact, saying the company has no such intentions: "I'll start by saying we have no plans to bring Game Pass to PlayStation or Nintendo. It's not in our plans."

He then added that he wants to be focused on innovation to make sure Xbox owners "feel great about their investment."

"When I think about investments in things like Game Pass, and Xbox Cloud Gaming, cross play, and cross save, and ID@Xbox, all of these things — I want us to continue to innovate, so people on our console feel like we're making investments in console that matches their commitment they're making to us."

Spencer mentioned that over a billion dollars a year has been put into supporting third-party games on Game Pass and promised to continue to look for ways to innovate, both when it comes to the console and the games it offers.

Spencer speaking against Stuart's earlier statement is no surprise, although I wonder what the "change of strategy" the CFO was talking about is. I still think there's no way Sony or Nintendo would agree to have Game Pass on their platforms, but it looked like Microsoft had an idea how to make it happen, so I wonder if we'll ever find out what it was.

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