You Can Now Export Videos into 3D Unreal Engine Scenes with Wonder Studio

Change the actors of your movie and tweak the lighting in the engine.

Wonder Dynamics has added an exciting feature to its Wonder Studio, an AI tool that can automatically animate, light, and compose a 3D character model into a live-action scene.

Now, you can export your 2D video into Unreal Engine with face and body animation, camera track, and lighting passes to change the elements of the scene, including the character's position, the color of the light, and anything else you'd use UE5 for.

"We are big believers that artists need to maintain control in the creative process; that’s why we are focused on building AI-driven tools that complement artists and give them the iterative control that they need."

Wonder Studio was announced last year and released a little later. "No more mocap, no complicated 3D software, and no expensive production hardware – all the artist needs is a camera" is the developer's vision for the tool. 

The app allows you to introduce a character to a scene, automatically detecting cuts and tracking the actor throughout the sequence. It processes footage, tracks the motion, generates masks, and replaces the actor with the CG character, matching the gestures and expressions and adjusting the lighting.

It can also be combined with OpenAI's new text-to-video diffusion model Sora:

Wonder Studio subscriptions cost $29.99/month and $149.99/month or $203.88/year and $1019.88/year.

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