80 Level 3D Metasite Gallery: Leartes Studios

This week we want to highlight the world-renowned game art studio Leartes Studios featured in the 80 Level 3D Metasite Gallery.

T- Rex Skeleton

By Leartes Studios.

The 'Historical Museum' 3D asset package is a gateway to the past, designed to ignite the imagination of enthusiasts and creators alike. From virtual reality to video games, one of the most captivating ways to bring the dusty pages of history to life is by creating environments enriched with high-quality 3D models. The 'Historical Museum' 3D asset package offers the level of detail and variety that history buffs and game developers crave.

Filled with 151 unique meshes, this package comprises exquisitely designed exhibits, each brimming with eye-catching details. One of the standout stars of this package is a towering T-Rex skeleton that is sure to inspire awe as it confronts museum visitors. Optimized for Game Ready projects, 'Historical Museum' promises both visual quality and technical efficiency, striking the perfect balance between detail level and performance for developers.

3D Metasite Gallery by 80 Level

The place to showcase 3D assets. It provides creators with a unique 3D space to showcase artworks in a stunning 3D environment. Imagine a virtual gallery where your creations come to life, allowing a wide audience to explore and interact with them. Whether you're an artist looking to showcase your portfolio or an art lover looking for an immersive experience, the 3D Metasite Gallery will be your exclusive entryway into the world of 80 Level 3D art.

Join us on this journey as we change the way art is appreciated and shared. Welcome to the 80 Level 3D Metasite Gallery.

Access the 3D Metasite Gallery and explore its possibilities!

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