A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Destruction Events in The Ascent

Magnus Larsson showed how the team used Unreal and Houdini to prepare some explosive sequences. 

Magnus Larsson shared another awesome behind-the-scenes look at The Ascent – this time, the artist showed creating several destruction events for the game using Unreal and Houdini. The artist noted that all of these simulations use Houdinis RBD to FBX export tool.

"The workflow would be to export selected geometry that environment artists have placed, and create a simulation from that. The challenge in that is to not make it look too much like regular Voronoi fracture, and to still be able to cut through complex geometry where hundreds of assets have been placed, intersect, are not water tight, and such," wrote Larsson. "To that end, I created a very big for loop setup in Houdini that does a different type of Booleans based on the incoming geometry and makes a decision what to keep and what to throw away, this way I was able to break up this complex geometry without having to rebuild the mesh from scratch to make the boolean operation to work."

You can learn more about the artist's work on destruction events here. You can also check out other HDAs Magnus worked on below:

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