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A Detailed Stylized Rain VFX in Houdini & Octane Render

Creator Everything CG demonstrated an impressive rain effect and explained how it was made.

CGI/VFX Artist and Graphics Developer known online only as Everything CG continues the series of outstanding Houdini-powered projects and simulations with one more mesmerizing piece.

This time, the creator unveiled a highly-detailed stylized rain VFX that comprises three separate effects – particle-based falling raindrops, procedural splashes, and water ripples, achieved by displacing geometry and generating foam. According to the author, the VFX was set up in Houdini 19.5 and rendered with Octane Render.

Moreover, Everything CG has shared a concise breakdown, outlining the working process behind the VFX and explaining how its elements were set up in Houdini. You can read the full breakdown by visiting the artist's website. You can also download the project files by visiting Everything CG's Patreon page.

And here are some of the author's earlier works, we highly encourage you to visit Everything CG's Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube page to check out more of their amazing projects:

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