A Doom-Inspired Minecraft Mod Released

This free Minecraft adventure map turns the game into Doom.

A Minecraft enthusiast Sibogy released a free map that turns the game into a popular shooter DOOM. The map is called DOOMED: Demons of the Nether and has been in development for 2 years. However similar the maps are, Doomed is not a carbon copy of its inspiration, the author states "I didn’t want to make a 1:1 copy because you might as well play Doom at that point. If something seemed fun I looked to implement it."

The single-player map has four levels: Mars, the UAC Facility, The Foundry, and The Nether. Sigoby created plenty of content for the map, including cutscenes, boss fights, collectibles, custom weapons, sound effects, and music.

As Sibogy has told PCGamesN, it took around 1,200 hours of time free from work and became the creator's biggest project. The biggest challenge posed Minecraft's limitations.

“Some things weren’t really doable to implement, such as dashing or glory kills. One of the biggest challenges in development was the final icon of sin boss, which took two months by itself. Completely custom made including hitboxes, 3D models, AI/behavior, and loads of animations.”

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