A Houdini Tool for Procedural Pores and Micro Wrinkles

Ramon Schauer developed a new tool that allows saving time on creating realistic human faces.

Have a look at Houdini Poremaker Tool by Ramon Schauer that helps artists create digital human faces with the help of the procedural toolkit. The tool focuses on one particularly challenging task - creating believable skin pores and micro wrinkles. 

Traditionally, artists create such pores and winkles by either projecting scanned displacement maps or manually sculpting the pores, which takes a lot of time. The new project is inspired by the workflow concept developed by WETA Digital for the Movie Gemini Man, discussed at Siggraph Asia 2019.

The workflow introduces an alternative efficient procedural approach revolving around an SOP-level digital asset for Houdini to simply draw guide curves to control the pore direction procedurally. The developer noted that it has been developed as part of the Technical Directing course at Animationsinstitut of Filmakademie Baden-Würrtemberg.

"The tool allows for a very interactive and intuitive approach while still retaining flexibility to art direct, similar to the process of grooming hair and fur in Houdini," noted the developer.

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