A Jurassic Park Scene Recreated in Dreams

Another great piece made in PlayStation's Dreams.

Have a look at the iconic T-Rex breakout scene from Jurassic Park made by Krenautican in Dreams – a creation system video game for PlayStation. Krenautican used just PlayStation and a controller but managed to get a fantastic result almost indistinguishable from the original footage.

Here's the original scene for comparison:

If you're wondering how it was possible to make, Krenautican published a video of the process. Everything in the project was created from scratch using the sculpting tools and Dreams. Everything had to line up and match perfectly, Krenautican said that just getting the right layout took a lot more time than expected.

If you enjoy Dreams projects, you should definitely check out other works, like a Sonic level, Ghost of Tsushima, Elden Ring fan art, and more.

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