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User-Generated Content: Creating Worlds in Dreams PS4

Bogdan, also known as BadRobo82, talked about creating scenes in the Dreams sandbox, shared the details of the production and available tools, and discussed the future of Dreams content.

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Hello, my name is Bogdan and I come from Poland. Traditional art is my hobby, and I have never dealt with any other 3D graphics program than Dreams.

From the first Dreams trailer, I was sure it was something for me. I've always wanted to create 3D graphics and games, but all other programs are too complex and require an expensive computer.

About Dreams

In Dreams, you create with gadgets and tools. There are suitable sections for sculpting, painting, logic, animation, and music. Gadgets can be wired together and thus create quite advanced logic. The entire interface is very clear and intuitive.

Insights into the Production

Creating levels for dreams mainly involves sculpting and cloning them. There are also flecks which are spots of color. The thermometer, which is used here as a graphic memory, is divided into complex sculptures and their diversity and their number, so you need to skillfully plan it so that it is enough for what we have come up with.

Specific tools are responsible for lighting and effects. On stage, you can set the spotlights as well as make the sculpture shine with its own light. Dreams uses some form of ray tracing and it works similar to SSAO.

Possible Improvements in Dreams

Dreams is constantly evolving and we get new patches with improvements and new opportunities every now and then, MM is really listening to the community and improving Dreams on the current PS4. What I would like to see on PS5 is ray-tracing and real-water simulation.

I think that sooner or later projects made in Dreams will be monetized to some extent. This engine has a future ahead of it and even at this stage that is now, really advanced productions can be created.

Bogdan Bad Robo, creator in Dreams

Interview conducted by Arti Sergeev

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